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Wealth Optimization

Our focus is to ensure you’re successful by making wise decisions with your wealth – and that means how you use and protect your assets. As a result, our work is highly personalized. We consult with a limited number of individuals and families so we can tailor our recommendations to your specific needs and priorities.

We’re focused on results rather than ideas, investment models, etc. We emphasize progress toward achieving clear Goals that lead to a meaningful Vision. Most planners start with the numbers. We don’t. We begin with discovering WHAT matters to you and WHY it’s important. Then we finish with a plan that respects and reflects your wishes.

The Wealth Optimization System™ is our proprietary process for delivering that clarity. There are four phases to continuously help you make wise choices.

1. DISCOVERY: Identify Vision & Goals

The first phase begins by thinking clearly about the problem. This is called the Discovery phase. It is where clarity is achieved around your goals and planning gaps are identified.

2. CREATIVE SOLUTIONS: Think About The Solution

The second phase is the Creative Solutions phase where you think clearly about the solutions and make decisions regarding closing the planning gaps.

3. STRATEGY DEPLOYMENT: Implement The Solution

The third phase is the Strategy Deployment phase where you implement the solution to help achieve your desired results.

4. RESULTS MANAGEMENT: Sustain the Results

The final phase is the Results Management phase where we establish a plan to manage and implement the results. This assures you have confidence your plan will work over time.