Preferred Client Profiles

Our clients share the following characteristics


  • A Decision Maker
  • Own Substantial Assets
  • Tax Averse and Interested in Long Term Business Growth
  • Sees Value of Retaining Key Members of Management/Executive Team


  • Family Oriented
  • Strong Commitment to the Efficient and Effective Transfer of Family
  • Strong Character and Sense of Integrity

Social Conscience

  • Has a Strong Interest in Community and Social Betterment
  • Highly Respected by Friends and Associates
  • Has Vision and Goals for Community Stewardship


  • Recognizes Great Value in the Service we Perform
  • Prioritizes Optimization of Wealth
  • Open Minded with Respect to Utilizing Advisor Services
  • Has Vision, Values, and Objectives for their Family, Business, and Community
  • Will Take the Time to Plan and Be Forthcoming About Concerns
  • Capable of Executing Important Plans for Family and Business
  • Values Long Term Relationships