Results Management

As the 4th phase of “Wealth Optimization”, “Results Management” is a critical and rarely implemented phase of Wealth Advisory services. Few professionals treat “Results Management” proactively.

Every decision made or not made creates a Result. At Insight Wealth, we make sure we help you manage these Results.

If you identify 12 issues and 4 valuable considerations, these should be discussed in your Current Situation, Goals, Vision and Objectives. Because of the required investment of time and money, you may not choose to address all of them during the 1st planning period. You may select 3 high priority issues and 1 consideration during the initial period. That’s OK. The remaining 9 issues and 3 considerations are Results (of decisions) that might be in your best interest to discuss and Manage later.

Results Management meetings may occur annually or more frequently if a client requests or if there are significant changes occurring affecting the client’s existing plans.